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25 Jul

Smoothies at Cotton Country

We now offer healthy smoothies. The smoothies made simply of entire products of the soil, and if wanted, a little, juice, soymilk or nonfat dairy, are superbly solid and nutritious.

There is one special case to the above. Research has discovered that in outpatient restoratively observed projects, supper substitutions in fluid frame, for example, protein-natural product vegetable shakes, are gainful for weight reduction. “They are brisk and basic and may supplant a genuine lousy nourishment breakfast,” states Dr. Tom Rifai, MD, FACP, Regional Medical Director of Metabolic Health and Weight Management at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit and individual from the Pritikin Scientific Advisory Board.

“There is no doubt that individuals can get in shape on such shakes/smoothies, however their viability for long haul weight control is easily proven wrong,” brings up nourishment scientist Dr. Kenney.

Nicely, there are truly healthy choices, like frozen fruit combinations that have no added sugar or juice. Come to Cotton Country Lodge and try a tasty smoothie made from banana, pineapple, apple and other fruits!